How K S Assisting Works

Freeing up your time

If you find yourself wondering why you are spending time on tasks that you know could be better handled by someone else, or that you could be better prioritising your time - this is where you can partner with K S Assisting.

K S Assisting takes on a variety of tasks so businesses can run efficiently and effectively. These tasks range from brand management, administrative duties, detailed research, social media management, sales support, customer service and graphic design.


1. When you get in touch, Kelsie will start by setting a meeting (in person or by video call) and really get to know a bit more about you, your brand and goals.

2. An easy to follow checklist will then be sent to you to ensure each detail that is needed is on hand to get your job completed quickly and to the highest of standards. 

3. Kelsie will get to work on your project, providing update communications as frequently as you like.

4. At K S Assisting, an agile approach to projects is taken. Throughout the process you will be asked to provide feedback so amendments can be made and any bright new ideas can be added in as we go.

5. Final approvals and revisions.


The difference K S Assisting has to other virtual support services, is the commitment to understand your brands values and ensure this shines through in every piece of work. 



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